About Us

SDL Mechatronics Sdn Bhd was established in the year 2003, specialising in distributing & providing after sale services to a comprehensive range of Industrial Cooling Systems & Cleaning solution products.

Electronics today are growing exponentially smarter and more powerful as they become smaller and more prevalent, leading to increased power demands and a greater need for better thermal management. Dissipating increased heat is often the biggest barrier to optimized functionality and product success. In an effort to sustain performance and safety, extend device lifetimes, ensure customer satisfaction and improve reliability, this additional heat must be removed.

SDL provides solutions ranging from traditional and advanced air cooling and liquid cooling systems and heat exchangers, to the more advanced conduction cooling and two-phase heat transfer type. SDL is, on the cutting edge of emission cooling.

Our range of products include:

  • Electrical Control Panel Cooling Systems
  • Industrial Oil Cooler Units & Cutting Fluid Units
  • Industrial Water Cooler Units
  • Cooling & Heat Exchange Units
  • Bio-Degradable Cleaning Solutions
  • Synthesized Solutions

Our Mission is to provide only the very best, in reliable, quality and effective cooling operational services for all industrial air, water & oil cooling systems.